We’re always looking for exceptional team members to join us, here are some of the always open positions:

As a Builder, you’re willing to get your hands dirty to keep our farming infrastructure in top condition. We’ve got fields to plow, machines to repair, sheds to thatch up, and so on. Don’t forget your toolkit as you head on out: Solidity, TypeScript, NestJS, PostgreSQL

Far from the commotion of farmers celebrating after a long day’s work, beyond the greedy gaze of bandits lurking in the woods, the Ranger keep their ceaseless watch. If you’re the first to step up for the farm’s most vital tasks, like protecting our perimeter or selecting which crops to bring to market, then a Ranger's white hat just might fit you.

Whether it means getting down in the mud with the team or shaking hands with a neighbour, a Yeoman knows exactly what it takes to run a successful farm. You have a way with people, and an extensive knowledge of the farming community past our borders. When a deal needs to be struck with another farm, you’ll be among the first we holler for.

For an Artisan, no farm is complete without a fresh coat of paint. You have an eye for design, and can turn any old barn into a palace of wonder. On top of making things look pretty, you’re a natural at creating signage to make our farm an easier place to navigate.

Regardless of which discipline they took up first, Craftsman are united in their boundless creativity and in-depth knowledge of farming development. While one farmer can retool a shed and another can give it a paint job, as a Craftsman you know how to do both. For you, a hammer and a paint roller both belong in the same kit.

A Gardener is at the heart of every farming community. Word of your bountiful harvests bring in traders and wanderers from far and wide. You can sense when morale is low amongst our farmers and, as a result, you know precisely when to schedule the next festive gathering to keep our spirits high.

Cultivators pick up new languages as frequently as most other farmers pick up crops. Whether it's translating tomes of knowledge or scribing announcements in other tongues, you’ll use your gifts to keep every farmer on equal footing. Above all else, you want to build a community where farmers feel welcome regardless of their origin.